By which myth are you living?

This site is for me... and it may be for you as well. Its aim is not particularly to educate or to preach or to complain. Rather, this site is my song and I feel that I must sing it... for the same reason that a caged robin sings.

What you may find here depends on your perspective. You may find this site to contain the lofty writing or rambling of a madman or a would-be, pretentious philosopher. And you may be right. Or you may be amused or even intrigued by what you see as intellectual ideas worth pursuing. And of course it is your choice to read on. Or you may perhaps find this site to be a treasure and a shining affirmation of what you have always known and felt. In that case, rejoice! We are together in singing this song.

Here is the culmination of dozens of years of contemplation, insight and struggle for understanding. These writings include parables, articles, poetry, ideas and resources that explore the paradigms by which we live and reveal them, through ordinary and daily experience, as symbols or metaphors of profound significance. While this material is very personal, this act of putting it out in plain sight is risky but potentially transformative for me and for those who may be interested in reading it. This is my one heroic act. This is my meditation...

I will not claim that I am out to make the world a better place. Most who set out to do so often make matters worse. I must admit that the content of the site is not the real point of it, but the act of expressing it. In fact, in putting this site together, the site is changing me. If there is any aim here, it is for the world to see me as I am with all of my hopes, conflicts, hypocrisy, delusions, dreams, fears, wonder, and perhaps even compassion. In doing so, I find myself being liberated as a seamless process that is constantly in flux. Through this site I hope to explore and learn about myself and the world. And if the world, by any measure, should turn for the worse or become a better place because of what is here, then so be it. I have my purpose just as you have yours.

It is my conviction that we all live by myths or paradigms, which are symbolic stories of the relationship between our lives and the world. For some, that relationship may be neurotic, illusory or violent. For others, it may be full of vitality and creativity. Either way, it is always sublime and wondrous. Metaphors and the language of myth empower us to see and experience our lives as symbols for something inexpressible and deeply profound. In the act of recognizing the myths by which we are living, our lives are transformed into rhythmic and subtle poetry and song that celebrate our personal and private heroic acts, however painful, small or magnificent.

If we want to understand each other, we must first understand and reveal who we are, as we are. And in seeing ourselves as we are, a natural transformation takes place in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. It begins with an inner revolution that cannot be instigated by thought, hope or belief. Come if you would join me on this journey.

Now let us begin by my asking again....

By which myth are you living?

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