Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963) was quite well-known for his disturbingly prophetic book Brave New World, among other books and essays. He also experimented with psychedelic drugs and explored esoteric themes and mysticism. In this classic May 1958 interview with Mike Wallace below, Huxley expresses his concerns about the direction of society, particularly in the United States. He warned against overpopulation, the rapid growth of technology, complex organizations and growing government control. Perhaps the most ominous of results, he argued, was the loss of freedom of the individual without his/her knowledge. He was worried about inherent dictatorial tendencies in government to make the individual citizen "love his slavery." Many would argue today that his horrific vision has already come true.



Interview with Mike Wallace (1958):

A human being is a collection of unbalanced and conflicting elements of all sorts, held in a very delicate and precarious equilibrium.