Erich FrommIn these videos, the renowned psychologist Erich Fromm (1900 – 1980) discusses life lived from two polarities as being and having. He also discusses the state of the individual as well as society. He admits that very few people are really living on the opposite poles but that most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Those who live to have, he claims, are most likely alienated from themselves and from their environment. And those who live to be have a more fulfilling or satisfying sense of their lives. Fromm also touches on the probable destiny of humanity which he says will most likely lead to destruction. Note that the second video below was recorded in 1958, more than 50 years ago!



Videos of Erich Fromm


Know that an awakening of sorts is taking place when you begin to recognize in the world, in your waking consciousness, the symbols that have been typically relegated to being your guides in your night dreams.